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You are confined 

Only by the walls

You build yourself!

"Nutritional quality

dictates work output, intensity,

recovery capacity and therefore

the adaptation you desire”

FREE Healthy Weight Gain E-Course!

This 7 day E-Course is designed to help those struggling with gaining weight the healthy way start off on the right path.

Kane takes you through his amazing journey of drugs, crime and being extremely under weight to now running his own business gaining 30kg the healthy way.

Lisa takes you through her journey from being a scared, timid and un-confident girl who's life was controlled by anxiety to now being a sexy, confident and strong women who runs her own business.

"Don't aim for perfection


perfection is never attainable." 


Lisa Arney

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"To overcome my crippling anxiety, I first had to change who I saw looking back at me in the mirror"

Kane Patterson

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"My reason for changing my entire life was that, I didn't want to be a drug addict anymore and I didn't want to die on the streets"

Online Coaching!

Transform your body and life with people who have done it themselves!

The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast!

The podcast for those who struggle to gain weight and keep it!

Strength Training!

Learn how to lift weight intensely, safely and in a way design to change your body shape!

Online Cardio!

An online HIIT cardio program that can be done anywhere and burns up to 3x more fat!



The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast

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