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Guest Appearance!

Check out these awesome fellow podcasters who have had Kane on as a guest and many more.

Thoughtfully Mindless

Addiction, Recovery, and Fitness with Kane Patterson

Thoughtfully mindless is a podcast centered around meaningful, nuanced conversation.
There are no topics that are off-limits, and sensitive issues will be discussed with respect and openness.
The podcast is centered around the idea that you can learn something new from every person you meet.

The Business Booth

Kane Patterson: Skinny 2 Strong

If you're so enthralled by Entrepreneurship and small business that it's all you ever think about, then you've landed in the right place.
The Business Booth streams bi-weekly episodes about all things business (yeah, the good, the bad, and the ugly).
Tune in for your needed dosage of stories, advice, ideas, and more!

The Schofield Stories

Kane Patterson: Once an addict, always an addict?

The Schofield Stories is an interview style podcast focusing on men speaking out and striking the stigma around mental health.
Guests of all backgrounds come on to share their stories and inspire other men to strike the stigma around masculinity and mental health.

Public Therapy Podcast

A Complete 360 Ft. Kane Patterson

The Public Therapy Podcast is hosted by Dallas Natives, Chris and Rae.
They are newly weds and currently live in England. They discuss topics such as marriage, relationship advice, traveling, current hot topics, pop culture, and much more!

The Winner's Podcast

Recovery to Victory with Kane Patterson: Ex-addict, Online Coach and Business Owner

Achieving growth in your business and life is definitely determined by your mindset.
Incorporating the mindset of a Winner gives you a straightforward way to face-off challenges without backing down in your life, business, or career.
Every week we will be putting together strategic measures through direct podcasts and interviews to build and encourage that Winner's spirit in all of Us.
If you are looking for where find growth resource then this place s definitely for you.
You are a Winner!!

The Weight Loss Podcast

Your past does not define your future

A podcast focused on helping you lose the weight and never finding it again in a realistic, sustainable and healthy way.
Hosts Matt Wolfs and Courtney Ley are a married couple who together have lost a combined 105kg/230lbs.

Aspire Higher

How to Persevere Above It All with Kane Patterson

Dave Glaser, CSCS, believes that fitness and nutrition play a critical role in our mental health.
Over the past nine years as a strength coach, he has integrated mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual pillars of health to help clients blow past limiting beliefs to reach their true potential in life, fitness, and performance.



The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast

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