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Choose your hurt!

I talk to a lot of people about getting in shape and improving their health.

One thing that always pops up is hating the way they look and feeling like crap all the time.

Then in the very next sentence they say "I don't workout and I cant eat healthy" or "I don't have time to workout and eat healthy"


  • I understand that working out is hard.

  • I understand that changing your nutrition is hard.

  • I understand that stepping outside your comfort zone is hard.

  • I understand that taking a hard look at yourself and being truly honest with yourself is hard

BUT... You know what is harder than that?

  • Hating yourself for years and years.

  • Not chasing dreams you have because of fear of failure.

  • Not being intimate with your partner they way you want to because you are ashamed of how you look.

  • Having your life RULED by your mental health.

Now that shit is hard

So what hurt do you choose?

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